Irrigation Monitoring based on Satellite Data

Irrigated area mapping and Irrigation crop requirement monitoring for Water User Association


Irrisat provides Water User Association with irrigated volumes and maps of the areas actually irrigated for efficient management of the service, obtaining the following benefits:


  • Identification of irrigated areas without authorization and recovery of their fees.)
  • Reduction of illegal irrigation (deterrence effect of satellite control
  • Optimization of field inspections
  • Check of the provided irrigated volumes  
  • Monitoring of  water meter operation

The mapping system for irrigated areas is based on the temporal variability of vegetative vigor. Starting from a minimum number of satellite imagery, it produces a classified map of the growth patterns and verify that the growth curve is linked to the supply of established water. By overlaying the information layer of the registered cadastral parcels and the classified map,it identifies the areas without authorization.

The irrigation crop requirements on daily scale is based on weather data and crop parameters such as Albedo r, the LAI leaf index retrivied by satellite images. It is the most accepted model on a scientific basis – Guidelines for computing crop water requirements – FAO Irrigation and drainage paper 56FAO 56  (Allen et al., 1998).

Web, tablet e smartphone

You can check updated maps of irrigated plots and their irrigation volumes, in a simple and intuitive way, by connecting from your pc, tablet or smartphone.

Software as Service

The service, based on satellite imagery can be implemented anywhere in the world. Nothing to install, just an internet connection.

Who it is for

Water supplier managers, Water Authorities and Who needs information about crop growth, irrigation requirements and distinguish between irrigated and non-irrigated fields.

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