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The italian irrigation advisory service based on satellite data

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Irrisat provides you with efficient planning of irrigation volumes and times to ensure the minimum consumption of water for the same production, obtaining the following advantages:

  • Reducing water and energy waste
  • Optimizing production and work
  • Real-time monitoring of crop development
  • Updated weather information

How does that work

The platform is based on innovative technology that integrates satellite observations with high spatial and temporal weather forecasts. Using original calculation codes, Irrisat allows you to view maps of daily irrigation requirements, starting with the last irrigation made and with a forecast up to five days later. The system, moreover, through simple and intuitive screens, allows to carry out analysis on the state of the crop and weather data (evapotraspiration, irrigation, rain, temperature, vegetation indices).

Web, tablet e smartphone

By connecting to from your PC, tablet or smartphone, with simple and intuitive steps, you can consult your company’s weather forecasts, updated maps of crop status and irrigated volumes.

Software as Service

The service, based on satellite imagery and probabilistic weather forecasts, can be implemented in any region of the world. Nothing to install, all you need is an internet connection.

To Whom

Farms and water managers can obtain customized weather forecasts and maps of crop irrigation needs, assess their growth, and distinguish irrigated areas from non-irrigated areas.

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