Satellite Irrigation Advisory Service and Irrigation Monitoring. Irrisat helps farmers and water managers in day-by day work

Advisory irrigation system compliant with Italian DM MIPAAF 31 luglio 2015
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Irrisat for Farmers

Irrigation advisory service

Irrigation water requirement with five days ahead

Meteo Forecast

Weather forecast with a time horizon of up to five days ahead

Canopy monitoring

A satellite image of your plots every 5-10 days

Save water and money

Reducing irrigation costs, increasing production, optimising processing

Irrisat for Water User Associations and Authorities

Mapping effective irrigated areas

Identifying Irrigated Areas and Optimizing Field Controls

Estimation of water volume provided

Estimation and  Checking the irrigated volumes provided In accordance with Art.3 of the D.M. MIPAAF of July 31, 2015

Identify the irrigation application

Record reserved watering dates and volumes

Check and recover the irrigation fee

Basic information for applying the irrigated role and retrieving unauthorized area roles

Irrisat Campania è un servizio acquistato con il contributo dal fondo Europeo per lo Sviluppo Agricolo - PSR Campania 2014-2020


About us

Irrisat 2018 in Campania

Anche per il 2018 è attivo il servizio di consulenza irrigua basato su immagini da satellite Irrisat per tutte le aziende agricole ricadenti nella Regione Campania. Per registrarsi basta andare accedere alla pagina, premere sul pulsante registrati e...

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